Homemade Vegetable Sushi

I have always loved sushi… So this fall I decided to give a shot to making my own (non-fish) & it worked out pretty well. Jake (husband) never cared for sushi, but has since started eating it. For mine, I just use veggies (carrot, cucumber, etc) but for his I will flour/egg/bread crumb the shrimp & stick it in the oven for 20 minutes or so to make him my own version of ‘tempura’.



  • 1 cup (uncooked) Brown sushi rice (I get this at my local Asian Market, for those of you that live in NH, I go to Saigon Asian Market on Maple Street, caddy corner to South Willow Street. This is also when I got my sushi mat for only $1!) You could also use millet, quinoa or white rice.
  • Nori Sheets
  • Veggies
  • Wasabi/Soy Sauce (I like using Bragg’s Liquid Aminos)
  • Sushi Mat
  • Plastic Ziplock Bag for Sushi to go inside of


*the ingredient list could really be as simple as a few items, what you choose to roll inside is up to you, shrimp, fish, vegetables, even fruit!


I suggest wrapping your sushi mat into a large ziplock bag, it just makes it easier to roll.  Check out my tutorial video below!



1. After cooking your rice (which I would let cool off for about 20 minutes or so), roll out a nori sheet on top of your sushi mat.

2. Spread out the rice thinly. It is more difficult to roll when there is a lot of rice, and will make your sushi roll quite thick.

3. Add in ingredients (cut in long stripes) on the bottom of the nori sheet (closest to your stomach).

4. Using the sushi mat, begin to roll the nori sheet slowly. Roll & then tighten, roll, tighten, roll, tighten, until you have gotten to the end.

5. Once the roll is made, use a serrated knife to cut the roll into pieces, 2 to 3 inches thick.


Nutritional Information:

(using a 1 cup of brown rice, 1 teaspoon of wasabi, & 1 tablespoon of bragg’s liquid aminos soy sauce):

Calories:  246   Fiber: 6g   Sugar: 0g


Homemade Vegetable Sushi

gluten free & vegan

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