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Pumpkin Pie Coffee Shake…

More pumpkin, can you handle it? I’m not going to lie, I definitely splurge on a pumpkin iced coffee here and there even though they are not very good for me. I sat down and whipped up this pumpkin pie coffee shake of my own (vegan and paleo, mind you). Nothing fancy, but a lot […]


Butternut Squash Shoestring…

It is the season of squash! These are so many uses for this awesome vegetable, but one of my favorites are these shoestring french fries. I make these every year in the Fall… almost never have the chance to take a photo because I want to gobble them all up! These butternut squash french fries […]


Chocolate Pumpkin Candies…

My Mom loves Halloween. Every year she would go all out decorating and make is super fun for us. She also is an amazing seamstress and would make us the most unbelievable costumes – I had a seriously authentic Snow White costume in the 2nd grade, and I was purple unicorn in the 1st grade […]