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Gluten Free Baked Zucchini…

Working in a school I come across a lot of kiddos with allergies. Wheat, dairy, peanuts, you name it. Ian’s Natural Foods made a great infographic about it! Do any of these surprise you? I guess I’m more sensitive to all of these because of my own sensitivities. I always need to plan ahead with […]


Mini Pumpkin Pie Scones…

Are you still in the mood for pumpkin? I hope so! This may be the last one? I’m sorry… I just really let pumpkin season get the best of me. My in laws were recently here and my brother in law, Ryan, is an excellent baker. We made a batch of some pumpkin english muffins… […]


Anti Inflammatory Smoothie…

I’m sure that I’ve mentioned this is other recent posts, but since I’m always on the go now because of Zoey, I’m obsessed (and in need of) with smoothies! I’m guilty of eating/drinking them for breakfast and for lunch. I pack them full of lots of different stuff every time, but I’ve been on a […]